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Tired of the Way You Feel?

Are you an educated, high-achieving woman who struggles in her personal life?

A mother who wonders who she is and if parenting is supposed to feel this way?

A wife who wants a fulfilling marriage but whose partner won’t attend therapy?

Then you’re in the right place.
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I Help Overwhelmed, Unfulfilled Women Find Their Voice Again

You Don’t Have To Carry This Alone. Not Anymore.

You are the one everyone comes to for help. You used to think you could handle anything without any help from anyone. You are the reliable, capable, successful one. But in private, you barely eat, can’t sleep and have trouble making decisions. You don’t even recognize yourself anymore.

You spend most of your time taking care of everyone else, putting out fires, doing all the things and there’s not much time left for you. You find yourself constantly worried, crying, or yelling.

You don’t like how you’re feeling but can’t seem to talk about it with anyone. Everyone keeps telling you that you how strong you are but you’re just tired — and angry — and you feel guilty for feeling this way. 

You don’t understand what’s wrong and wonder if this is what your life is supposed to feel like. Day after day you feel empty, unfulfilled, and exhausted.

You’re ready for things to change so you can feel happy. You want to feel joyful, hopeful, and fulfilled. You want to enjoy time for yourself, and be able to love yourself and those around you. But you’re just not sure where to start.

Start here. I can help.

Skilled, Compassionate Care

Your Feelings Are Valid.

I offer skilled, compassionate treatment for a wide range of issues particular to women. I also have specialized training in treating Postpartum Depression & Anxiety as well as Perinatal Loss & Grief. I understand the impact of your struggles — on your self-image, your partner, your family, friends, and your world. I get just how bad you feel and how desperately you wish to feel better. Together we will uncover your emotional blocks, build on your strengths and practice new skills that you can turn to when life becomes a bit too much.

I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist Associate (TX #203491) working under the supervision of Sherry J. Duson, LPC-S (TX #14045), LMFT-S (TX #4780) at The Center for Postpartum Family Health.

Work With Me

Relationship Counseling

Whether the relationship is with your spouse, partner, mother, or friend, relationship counseling addresses the underlying issues coming between you and helps you identify the actions you can take to change the dynamics of the relationship. With or without a partner, we can work together on core relationship skills, uncover how the dynamics of the family you grew up in are affecting your relationships today, and help you feel more empowered in all of your relationships.

Perinatal Mental Health & Wellness

Working together during your pregnancy, we explore the changes you are going through emotionally, physically, and in your relationships. Some sessions may be dedicated to developing a written support plan to guide you, your partner, and your family on how to best take care of you once the baby is born. Your postpartum therapy will address the wide range of emotional distress that is common for new parents as well as problems occurring in your relationship with your partner. Treatment for postpartum depression or anxiety, postpartum OCD or PTSD, birth trauma, stillbirth, miscarriage, or termination.

Online Therapy Throughout Texas

Teletherapy just makes sense. You are a busy woman, especially at this time in your life, but you don’t want that to get in the way of getting the support and healing you need. I offer online video counseling for Texas residents using a secure, HIPAA-compliant platform. Your session can be done conveniently at home, the office, or any private space with quality internet access via a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Postpartum Depression & Anxiety Therapy Group

I offer a virtual therapeutic support group focusing on all stages of maternal mental health. Whether you are a new mom struggling with pregnancy or postpartum depression or anxiety or a mom who is feeling challenged by motherhood, this group will teach evidence-based clinical strategies for addressing negative thoughts and difficult feelings. We will also address healthy coping skills and deep self-care.  Group meets for 6 weeks per session with planned topics and activities for each meeting. Group size is limited. To be notified when the next group begins, submit this interest form.

SHINE: A Safe Space for Black Women

SHINE is a virtual self-recovery group for African-American women who seek healing from the generational wounds of racism, abuse, neglect, and the StrongBlackWoman myth. Participants meet online to learn the ways trauma is transmitted throughout the generations, how it affects them in the present, how to use their emotional triggers to lead to self-recovery, and ways to move through life with emotional freedom and radical self-acceptance. Group meets for 8 weeks per session with planned topics and activities during each meeting. Group size is limited. To be notified when the next group begins, submit this interest form.

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Your Investment

50-Minute Therapy Session: $140

I am considered out-of-network for insurance purposes. If you have insurance, I will provide you with a statement containing all of the information necessary for you to file your insurance claim to be paid to you directly. I offer a limited number of sliding scale spots based on household income.

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